Industral rags & cotton yarn waste

If you’ve chosen professionally, industrial rags can help you solve some of the problems created during the production process or work that can’t be solved by paper. Rags have high absorbency or various fluids, oil derivatives and are necessary for cleaning hard to reach places, uneven and rough surfaces. Since they’re made from used clothes that have been washed multiple times, they don’t contain paraffin, have high absorbency and don’t leave fibers behind (trails or hairs).

Industrial rags and cotton yarn waste can be used for all cleaning purposes and disinfection in:

  • Contaminated surfaces
  • Print works
  • Wood processing
  • Painting and body manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Finishing works in construction
  • Polishing surfaces and glass cleaning
  • Absorbing fluids : grease, oil, water…

Ponuda industrijskih krpa i pucvola

Industrial rags - White

White 1

Industrial rags - White

White 2

Industrial rags - White linen

White linen

Industrial rags - Bright


Industrial rags - Colorful


Industrial rags - Flannel


Industrial rags - Terry


Industrial rags - Cotton yarn waste

Cotton yarn waste