Nonwoven rags

Nonwoven rags are an innovative product, made from different types of fibers. High technology is used in their manufacturing process.

They provide high performances in a broad spectrum of applications due to their characteristics.

Traits that characterize them (high absorbency, filtering, washability, strength and softness) provide solutions for many problems in cleaning and maintenance processes.

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Areas of use

Manufacturing, maintenance and engineering

  • Cleaning of machines, tools and euqipment
  • Absorbing oil and fluids
  • Manual cleaning

Car industry

  • Preparation of surfaces before painting
  • Polishing
  • Absorbing oil and chemicals


  • Cleaning and maintenance of vehicles
  • Window cleaning


  • Cleaning and maintenance of machines
  • Cleaning from colors and other fluids
  • Manual cleaning

Food industry

  • Cleaning and maintenance of machines
  • Absorbing fluids
  • Manual cleaning

Professional cleaning services

  • All types of polishing
  • Cleaning and maintenance of equipment
  • Dust removal

Electronic and computer industry

  • Cleaning in complex and delicate applications
  • Dust removal

Optical industry

  • Polishing
  • Dust removal


  • Wet floor cleaning